500 Series Stream Bubbler

Shrub Stream Bubbler on Fixed Riser only. 1/2in. FIPT threads. Stream Bubblers have Multiple Stream Pattern Selection.

Model ID: 1024

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FB Series

Pressure-Compensating Flood Bubbler Nozzle on 570S Shrub Adapter or on 570Z pop-up body 4.0in. or 6.0in. Pop-Up. Options: Check Valve and Side-Inlet Body. .25 GPM, 0.5 GPM, 1.0GPM, and 2.0 GPM. 2.0 GPM is adjustable.

Model ID: 1025

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SB-PC Series

Pressure-Compensating Stream Bubbler Nozzle on 570S Fixed Riser, 4.0in. or 6.0in. 570Z Pop-Up. Options: check valve and side inlet body. Fits all Toro spray bodies, shrub adapters, and riser extenders.

Model ID: 1027

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500 Series Flood Bubbler

Adjustable Shrub Flood Bubbler on Fixed Riser only. 1/2in. FIPT threads. Serviceable filter screen and durable construction.

Model ID: 11607

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