Sentinel Central Control

Central Control Software. ET based watering run times. Can control up to 999 field satellites, with on-line help screens to minimize training requirements. There is even a map-based feedback on system status. Options: Software only; software and radio communication interface; and central computer, software and radio communication interface. Ideal for large sites such as cities, business parks, and school districts. Comes with a minimum of one-year of NSN Support. Extension packages for support are available as well under Sentinel Accessories.

Model ID: 2771

Sentinel Controllers

Sentinel Field Satellites are modular in 12, 24, 36, or 48 station. Remote and Flow Sensor Ready, with ET-based run times. Optional Wireless Output. Enclosure Options: small powder coated wall mount; stainless steel wall mount; plastic pedestal mount; or stainless steel pedestal mount.

Model ID: 11188

Sentinel Accessories

Sentinel Central Control Accessories. Options include Two-Wire Station Decoders, Wireless Output Boards for radio communication, a Hand Held Remote, Retro Link assembly unit, ET-Based watering Weather Sources, and National Support Network Service.

Model ID: 11258