LP Series Low Profile

0.5 to 10 hp, up to 120 psi, up to 235 GPM. Choose the Low Profile Pump Station for small to midsize boost, flooded suction, and suction lift applications.

Model ID: 4768

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D Series Pumps

Rain Bird Integrated Plug-N-Pump Irrigation Pump Stations. Up to 300 GPM and greater, discharge pressures up to 150 psi. Pumping system with powder-coated steel enclosure, available in single pump and multi-pump configurations, custom designed piping, alarm options and more.

Model ID: 4770

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Water Feature Pump Station

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive, Water Feature Pump Station allow adjustable water feature appearance and provide a in.Night Runin. mode that prevents stagnant water. Flows up to 10,000 GPM and greater.

Model ID: 8492

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Pump Manager

Pump Manager with SmartPump. Combine a Rain Bird Pump station and central control software to fully integrate pump station operation with real time communication. Provides full monitoring capabilities from the site control.

Model ID: 8494

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LC Series Lt Commercial

3/4hp, 1hp, 1-1/2hp, 2hp, and 3hp. Residential, Light Commercial, Parks and Rec Use. Complete Pump Station, with quick disconnection, powder coated steel enclosure, Start Relay and cooling louvres.

Model ID: 9581

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CLP Series Pump Station

Station is a simple, 5 HP unit with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) designed for small-to-medium landscape sites. This economical pump station is designed for boost / flooded suction and suction lift applications.

Model ID: 15218

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Mid Series Pump Stations

Vertical Multi-Stage and Horizontal End Suction stations in a medium enclosure is designed for medium-flow boost, flooded suction and suction lift applications, such as; parks, sports complexes, golf courses, turf farms and other agricultural projects.

Model ID: 15221

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Large Series Multiple Pump Stations

Flows up to 1800 GPM at 150 psi. Variable frequency drive for golf or large commercial sites.

Model ID: 15224

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Vertical Turbine Pump Stations

Flows up to 1800 GPM at 150 psi. Variable frequency drive for golf or large commercial sites.

Model ID: 15228

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