1/2 FPT Manifold-XT025

Grey outlet to designate open flow. 1/2in. FPT inlet can be easily attached to a schedule 80 riser or the top of an 1800 Retro. Barbed outlet so 1/4in. distribution tubing or 1/4in. drip tubing can be easily and securely attached.

Model ID: 16720

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1/4 Barb Connector-SPB-025

Used to connect 1/4in. Distribution Tubing into 1/2in. or 3/4in. distribution tubing. Self-piercing barb inlet is easily inserted into 1/2in. or 3/4in. distribution tubing using a Xeriman Tool (XM-Tool) Outlet barb accepts 1/4in. Distribution Tubing (XQ). Gray outlet barb indicates unit has unrestricted flow.

Model ID: 16718

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6 Outlet Manifold

6 Outlet Manifold. 1/2in. FPT inlet threads onto riser, allowing water to be directed to as many as six different locations. Options: Xeri-Bug or PC Module.

Model ID: 3589

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Multi-Outlet Xeri-Bug

Six-Outlet, Pressure Compensating, Drip Emitter. Flow rates of 0.5 GPH = blue, 1.0 GPH = black, and 2.0 GPH = red, at each emitter outlet. Comes with Barb Inlet x Barb Outlet, Optional 1/2in. FPT Inlet x Barb Outlet.

Model ID: 3517

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PC Modules

Single Outlet, Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters with Self-Piercing Barb Inlet. Flow rate: 5 GPH = light brown; 7 GPH = violet; 10 GPH = green; 12 GPH = dark brown; 18 GPH = white; 24 GPH = orange. Options: 10-32 Threaded Inlet, Diffuser Cap, and Purple Diffuser Cap to designate non-potable water.

Model ID: 3495

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PCT Series

Pressure Compensating Threaded Low-Flow Bubblers. Offered in 5 GPH, 7 GPH, and 10 GPH models, with 1/2in. FPT threaded inlet. Light Brown = 5 GPH, Violet = 7 GPH, and Green = 10 GPH.

Model ID: 9228

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SQ Series

Square pattern nozzles with pressure compensation. Adjustable Nozzle throws 2.5ft. to 4ft.. Compatible with all 1800 Sprays, Xeri-Pops, New PolyFlex Riser Adapter, UNI-Spray, and SCH 80 risers. 4 Models: Quarter, Half, Third, and Full.

Model ID: 4609

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Xeri-Bird 8 Multi-Outlet

Xeri-Bird 8 Multi Outlet Emission Device. Each port accepts a Xeri-Bug Emitter or PC Module, with a flow rate of 0 GPH - 24 GPH per outlet. XBD80 is Customizable. Contains a built-in filter. Optional Pressure Regulator in-stem. The XBD81 offers a pre-installed 8 unit with Xeri-Bug 1 GPH per outlet.

Model ID: 3510

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Drip Bubbler. SXB Stream available in Half Circle (5 streams) or Full Circle (8 streams), and either a 10-32 thread, 1/4in. barb, or a 5in. spike with a barb x barb coupler. UXB Umbrella available only in full circle patterns, with either a 10-32 thread, 1/4in. barb, or 5in. spike that includes a barb x barb coupler. Bubbler ideal for watering shrubs, trees, container plantings and flower beds.

Model ID: 3516

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Single Outlet Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters. Flow rates of 0.5 GPH = blue, 1.0 GPH = black, and 2.0 GPH = red.  Comes with a self-piercing barb inlet x barb outlet.  Optional Inlets: 10-32 thread, or 1/2in. FPT.  Low Flow for Watering the Root Zones of Plants, Trees, and Container Plants.

Model ID: 3508

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Xeri-Bug Check Valve

Single Outlet Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters. Flow rates of 0.5 GPH = blue, 1.0 GPH = black, and 2.0 GPH = red. Comes with a self-piercing barb inlet x barb outlet. Optional Inlets: 10-32 thread, or 1/2in. FPT. Low Flow for Watering the Root Zones of Plants, Trees, and Container Plants. Includes Check Valve.

Model ID: 37161

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Xeri-Pop Micro Spray

Low-Volume, Low-Pressure, Drip Pop-Up Spray in 4.0in., 6.0in., and 12.0in. Pop-Up Height, with 1/4in. Barbed Inlet. Nozzle Options: SQ Series Nozzles, 5 Series MPR Nozzles, 8 Series MPR Nozzles, and 5 Series Plastic Bubbler. *Note* Always install a Pressure Compensating Screen for a 5B Bubbler Nozzle on Xeri-Pop.

Model ID: 3490

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Adjustable flow/radius, 10-32 self-tapping threaded inlet. Ideal for ground cover, mass plantings, annual flower beds and containers.

Model ID: 10493

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