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Combiflow Flow Processor

Allows 2 Flow Sensors to connect to 1 controller. Combines two flow sensor signals into one flow output.

Model ID: 4944

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Isoflow Flow Transmitter

Isoflow Flow Transmitter with options to share: 1 Flow Sensor with 2 controllers; or with 3 to 6 controllers. Logic prevents unscheduled flow alarms.

Model ID: 4947

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Tee Type Flow Sensor

1in., 1.5in., and 2in.. Custom PVC tee w/socket ends measure lower flows. 2-wire digital output compatible w/all manufacturerft.s controllers.

Model ID: 4949

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Saddle Type Flow Sensor

3in., 4in. and 6in.. Custom saddle mounted sensor for PVC pipe. Measures low flows, 2 wire digital output compatible w/all manufacturerft.s controllers.

Model ID: 4959

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Pathway Wire Sharing

Pathway is a communications system that allows a CST flow sensor and solenoid actuated master valve to be retrofit to an irrigation system utilizing existing zone valve wires to carry data and valve control signals to the irrigation controller. The Pathway provides a cost effective method to add flow monitoring and control to installed systems where existing pavement, hardscape or other landscape features make conventional wiring prohibitively expensive.

Model ID: 11689

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Enhanced Low Flow Sensor

The Enhanced Low Flow (ELF) sensor measures rate of flow in small diameter closed pipe irrigation systems. The new design allows this sensor to measure flow rates over a range from .20 GPM to 20 GPM using the proven impeller technology of the other CST flow sensors.

Model ID: 25767

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