BaseManager is a powerful cloud-based central control and remote access platform that allows any BaseStation 3200 or BaseStation 1000 controller to be managed remotely over the Internet. For organizations that prefer to manage their own servers, BaseManager is available pre-installed on a full-function Linux based server. BaseManager is also available as a virtual machine image suitable for installation in modern rack mount server environments.

Model ID: 14118

Mobile Access

Baseline's Mobile Access is a mobile web application that allows you to operate your Baseline irrigation controller with a web-enabled mobile device. You'll have quick and easy access to important manual operations like turning zones on and off, starting and stopping programs, and initiating rain delays. You also have the option to get real-time soil moisture and flow readings. Mobile Access even provides real-time confirmation that your operation was successful.

Model ID: 14119

BACnet Manager

Baseline's BACnet Manager for BaseManager is the industry's first solution for integrating your irrigation system with a Building Management System. With BACnet Manager, any BACnet compatible Building Management System can display important information like water-use data and system alerts from BaseStation 1000 and BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers.

Model ID: 14120